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We welcome you to explore the following links to organizations and services that relate to the ministries of Grace Mission ... 
The Episcopal Diocese of Florida
The Episcopal Church, U.S.A.
Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church - Home
Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church - Links
Big Bend Homeless Coalition
Camp Weed and Cerveny Conference Center
We highly recommend the following video clips regarding homelessness in America ...
Video Link  Soundtrack Artist 
Awareness of Homeless American      "What About Now"    Daughtry 
Homeless in America "Who Am I?"  Casting Crowns 
Homelessness in America "Time Forgets"  Yiruma 
Please feel welcome to follow any of these links to helpful resources ...


Adult Children of Alcoholics




Addiction Center


Addiction Resource


Alcoholics Anonymous


Artists Recovering through the Twelve Steps


Cocaine Anonymous World Services


Co-Dependents Anonymous Home Page


Crystal Meth Anonymous


Criminal and Gangs Anonymous


Dangers of Drinking and Driving


Debtors Anonymous: A Twelve Step Fellowship for…


Drug Alert

Drug Rehab Connections

Drug Treatment Center Finder


Drug Watch


Dual Recovery Anonymous - a 12 Step program


Eating Disorders Anonymous


Emotions Anonymous


Families Anonymous


Gamblers Anonymous Official Home Page


JC Recovery Center


The Marijuana Anonymous


Narcotics Anonymous Official Homepage


Nar-Anon is a family support group


Nicotine Anonymous (WWW Home Page) NA Home Page


Overeaters Anonymous


Parents Anonymous


Recovering Couples Anonymous


The Recovery Village

Rehab Center


Sex Addicts Anonymous


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous


Shoplifters Anonymous


Suicide Anonymous


Survivors Of Incest Anonymous


Workaholics Anonymous