Grace Mission Episcopal Church

Regular Weekly Schedule

(Office hours Tuesday - Friday 10a-3:30p)


Sunday  8:15a 

Worship Service

Followed by breakfast or lunch

Monday    Facility Closed 
Tuesday  Noon Lunch
  3:00p  Showers
  4-4:20p   Clothes Closet Open (Supply orders are taken)

12 Steps @ 4:30

Healing Service 

  5:30p Dinner 
Wednesday   *Clothes giveaway is first Wed. 10-11am
  8:30a Morning Prayer
  9:00a Breakfast
  9:45a Bible Study
*Not offered the first Wed. of each month
   Noon Lunch 
 Thursday  Noon Doors open for reserved members' laundry
  1:00p Recovery Meeting
  3:00p Showers
  3:30p Movie - Adults Only
  5:30p Dinner
Friday  All Day Office Hours - Closed to the public
Saturday  8:30a  Showers 
  9:00a  Breakfast 

Third Saturday each month is Mobile Food Pantry - One Campaign. Second Saturday each month is Water Walk - community outreach.

Please Note: Saturday is Grace Mission's community outreach day, please see Upcoming Events calendar.

**First Friday of each month Grace Mission is closed to the public.


Grace Mission Episcopal Church

Children's Program Schedule

(Office hours Tuesday - Thursday 10a-2p)




No Sunday School

Monday    Facility Closed


 Tuesday and Wednesday 
After-School Program
Tuesday and Wednesday  3:15p Snacks
  3:30p Tutoring/Homework 
  4:45p Creative Play


  6:00p Return Home
 Thursday Christian Education
Thursday 3:15p Snacks
  3:30p Tutoring/Homework 
  4:45p  Christian Education Program


  6:15p Return Home
Friday  (no program for children)
Saturday  (no program for children)