Holy WOW!... did you know?


Grace Mission...

 Has over 20,000+ volunteer hours per year!

Clean audit for every year of operation!

Raises money and supports other agencies that help the less-than-fortunate!

Does outreach within the neighborhood!

Charges no fees!

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  • served 52,000+ meals
  • provided 1,144 showers
  • cleaned 416 loads of laundry
  • individually tutored twice weekly After-School students in addition to Thursday Bible study program
  • engaged neighboring families through family fun festivals
  • filled backpacks with school supplies for our after school children
  • provided quarterly medical clinics and free flu shots
  • paid for primary and life-saving prescription medication through our medical fund
  • paid for limited over-the-counter medications as needed
  • supplied clothes, coats, warm blankets, nonprescription glasses, and hygiene products
  • gave referrals to counseling, recovery, and in-and-out patient rehab facilities
  • provided space for weekly recovery groups
  • provided for birth certificates and State photo IDs to help those secure employment when needed 
  As a worshipping community that gives back, we ...
  • value our worship on Sundays and Tuesday evenings
  • Added a 12-step worship/healing service on Tuesday nights at 4:30
  • baptized children and adults - alleluia!
  • learned and grew through an active Bible Study ministry, with 25+ participants
  • reached out each month to our Frenchtown neighbors with hot soup, fresh water, and prayers 
  • planted/tended our organic garden, enjoyed the fruits of our labors, and learned about healthy living
  • cleaned up vacant lots through Adopt-A-Lot program
  • joyfully gave our pennies, nickels and dimes to 'the least of these' by tithing thousands of dollars to local Tallahassee agencies and others
  • raised 38% of our income ourselves
  • donate to seven other ministries - local and international
  • enjoy community dinner and movie each Friday evening
  • delivered monthly wholesome nutritional food to Springfield Apartments (aka Joe Louis HUD Housing Project)
  • facilitated three men's spiritual retreats and one woman's spiritural retreat
  • received a clean audit every year of operation
  • charged no fees to the many people that receive our services

We have been blessed in our struggles, and find joy in blessing the world around us! Come join us on our adventure ... in worship and/or volunteering!  Alleluia!